Symphony on the seas Make waves , sound waves Power and Reliability Installation friendly
We offer a range of marine grade coaxial speakers that deliver that famous DLS sound with the added benefit of magnetic shielding to protect your vital instrumentation and allow u get lost in the depths of sound and not at sea! Whether you want to try and communicate with marine-life, rock the Seven seas or simply have the best sounding boat in the Marina. There is no better option than add an installation friendly DLS Marine sub-woofer or two! The amplifier is the literal heart of any audio system and that’s why DLS have engineered there range of Marine Grade Amplifiers with resin coated circuit boards and rugged power coat finish to protect them from the harsh environment a vessel can deliver. DLS’s marine line has been designed with the ease of installation and functionality in mind. Their clean design should seamlessly integrate into your yacht or boat’s decor, so you can just enjoy being surrounded by the DLS super natural sound whilst keeping your eyes on the horizon.