DLS X Program X-A30 320W RMS 3-Channel Amplifier

RRP $499

X-Program by DLS: Born to Play

The DLS X-Program were designed for those that love their music and love to listen at high levels. This specialized line from DLS has everything you need for a high-end, audiophile sound system. With precise engineering, these items still offer complete control of your audio and help you preserve the sound quality. The X-Program from DLS is the perfect blend of performance and price. Just like all of the DLS products, the X-Program is designed and engineered in Sweden.

Born with Extreme Technology

X-Program amplifiers use class AB technology that is either all on or all off, so these amplifiers have low heat build-up in idle positions and are nearly 90% efficient. These full range analogue class AB amplifiers produce incredible power from a compact package so you can fit them almost anywhere, even under your front seat! All X-Program amplifiers are 4-ohm and 2-ohm stable so you can maximize you’re wiring options for speakers or subwoofers. Low-pass and high-pass filters allow you to tune your system just right by feeding your speakers only the frequencies they can handle, which reduces distortion. Phase shift of 180 degrees allows you to keep your subwoofer in phase with your speakers for the best tonal accuracy. Wrapping everything up, the silver finned heat sink is elegant and efficient removing any harmful heat generated from intense musical sessions. X-Program amplifiers were born to play rough, don’t let their compact size fool you.


Number of channels 3
Amplifier class AB
Output power in 2 ohm 2 x 70 W RMS
Output power in 4 ohm 2 x 56 W RMS
Mono sub channel 2 ohm 280 W RMS
Mono sub channel 4 ohm 170 W RMS
Damping factor > 80
S/N ratio, A-weighted > 90 dB
Frequency range 25 Hz – 30 kHz
Input sensitivity 0,25 – 5 V
Input impedance < 10 kohm
Input impedance, high level 100 ohm
High pass filter 50-150 Hz
Low pass filter LP: 50 – 120 Hz + subsonic 25 Hz
Phase control for subwoofers 0-180 degrees variable
Low level output No
Remote bass level control No
Remote phase shift control No
High level input with auto start Yes
Integrated fan No
Power consumption (idle) 0.8A
Power consumption (max) 65 A
Rec. power cable Minimum 4AWG / 21 mm2
Fuses 2 x 25 A
Dimension (W x D x H) 378 x 255 x 72mm / 15,7 x 10 x 2,8″
Weight 3,2 kg ( 8,9 lb)