Reference RW12i – 12 inch subwoofer

RRP $699

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RW12i is an improved version of RW12 with a new stronger rubber suspension.

DLS RW Reference Series Subwoofers Sealed for Perfection

This DLS RW12i  subwoofer is the perfect solution when wanting to upgrade your car audio system, with a more efficient, precise, and powerful bass reproduction.

A common question is always sealed or ported enclosure? For some of us the decision is hard but for other the question is not even a question. The DLS RW Reference series subwoofers appeal to those who tend to gravitate towards a sealed enclosure. The woofers come in either a 10″ or 12″ woofer with both having a Single 2 ohm impedance voice coil. This makes them extremely easy to wire up by themselves or even when doing multiple woofers at one time. The RW series subwoofers are rated 250W RMS giving you the right amount of power to really bring out the best in your car audio. They have been designed to perform their best in a sealed enclosure giving you that quick, precise, and efficient bass reproduction. Unlike other woofers made for sealed enclosure not only will these hit hard but they will hit cleaner than any other in its class. They feature a Polypropylene cone woofer and foam surround for rigidity, performance, and stability enhancement. The RW Reference series subwoofers by DLS are the perfect combination of power, performance, and price.

  • Polypropylene cone
  • 2 ohm voice coil
  • Made for sealed enclosure 30 litres.

RG12 grilles perfectly matches the RW12i subwoofer (see photo). Must be bought separately.

Woofer size 12″ (30 cm)
Impedance 2 ohm
Power handling capacity 250 W RMS
Max power handling capacity 500 W
Peak power 750 W
Frequency range 20 Hz – 2 kHz
Sensitivity 87,6 dB
Magnet size 150 mm (5,9″), 55 oz
Outer diameter of woofer 320 mm (12,6″)
Mounting depth 165 mm (6,5″)
Mounting hole 280 mm (11″)
Weight 5,5 kg ( 12,1 lb)
X-max +- 9 mm (0,35″)
T/S parameters
single V/C
Fs 26,1  Hz   Re 1,8  Ohm   Qms 4,4
Vas 99,6  liter   Vas 3,52  Cuft   Qes 0,48
Qts 0,44   Sd 511  cm²   BL 9,1